If you want a budget-friendly and satisfying recreational place, well, Angono Lakeside Park is your best choice. It has a wide area where you can enjoy the picnic, biking, boat riding, zip lining and even jogging or if you find it too romantic, you can do the holding hands while walking with your special someone.


You can also feel the pleasure of the atmosphere while waiting for the sun to set and appreciate the spectacular Manila skyscraper that lights during the dusk. You can bond with your friends and love ones without any worries that you might short your budget because even the foods that locals sell were affordable and fulfilling.





And if you love to post on your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with a lot of awesome pictures, you can also do the photography in the park and make your own scenic album. Your heart and mind will surely delighted as you experience those activities at Angono Lakeside Park.


Angono Lakeside Park is located at Ibañez St., Brgy. San Vicente, Angono, Rizal.

(photos by Jiay Ducabo)