AngNewNo Café

AngNewNo Café is one of the most sought café in Angono. If you want to taste flavoursome pastas and delicious coffee, served hot or cold, AngNewno Café is perfect for you!             Along the Manila East Road, the nearest landmark to find AngNewNo Cafe is the SM Center Angono. Facebook continue reading : AngNewNo Café

Art Capital Café

Dubbed as the Art Capital of the Philippines, Angono houses many art galleries and museums that showcase the majestic talent of Angonians in Art. It is also a pot for many restaurants and cafés that reflects the culture and tradition of the town. One of the boosting cafe in town is the Art Capital Café, continue reading : Art Capital Café

Lava Mocha Café

Are you hungry and you want to satisfy your cravings for a delightful treat that will surely tickle your taste buds? Lava Mocha Café will serve the best food for you in no time! Situated just within the town proper, Lava Mocha offers contemporary delights with an artistic approach to all the customers. One of continue reading : Lava Mocha Café