Aling Eniang’s

If one is looking for a relaxation and some sort of recreational activities. Aling Eniang’s Resort is one of the places to consider. It has two (2) well-maintained pools, five (5) beautifully designed huts for accomodation good for two (2) persons each, one (1) fuction hall, one (1) entertainment hall for disco and videoke and continue reading : Aling Eniang’s

Scrapyard Resort

Scrapyard Resort is private-owned establishment oftentimes visited by tourists and local residents alike because of its ambiance and wide pool suited to the taste of excurtionists. The resort has one (1) function rom, five (5) rooms for two (2), two (2) rooms for fifteen (15) persons, four (4) receiving areas, one (1) billiard table and continue reading : Scrapyard Resort