Municipal Tourism, Culture, and Arts Office

By 2020, the MTCAO should have implemented most, if not all, of the priority programs indicated in the Reinvented Medium-Term Arts Tourism development plan and have achieved, in partnership with relevant stakeholders, the following; established communal art center, Pasalubong sales points, upgraded and diversified tourism facilities, destination, products and services, trained and highly skilled tour guides, accredited tourism establishments, and widened networks, travel and tour agencies/ operators, and media institutions.

An efficient, effective, people and results-oriented Municipal Tourism, Culture, and Arts Office (MTCAO) that serves as link to all stakeholders for the development of Tourism, and Promotion of the Culture and Arts geared towards cementing Angono’s identity as the Art Capital of the Philippines.

The MTCAO shall establish and strengthen linkages and relationships, and nurture strategic partnerships with all relevant stakeholders in order to develop tourism-related businesses and projects that will lead to the enhancement and promotion of the Culture and Arts of Angono