Gawad KALASAG Search for Excellence in Disaster Risk Reduction Management and Humanitarian Assistance given by DRRMO Region IV-A features four major points: Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Rehabilitation and Recovery.

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation includes risk assessment; plans, policies and budget; early warning system; risk financing; environmental management, and infrastructure resilience.

Risk Assessment includes the availability of maps and tools such as multi-hazard, vulnerability, capacity/resource, risk maps and established Geographic Information System (GIS) and database of elements at risk. Plans, Policies and Budget includes Local DRRM Plan, updated Zoning Ordinances or Safety Regulations, and Fund Utilization. 

Early Warning System should have been established and functional. Risk Financing includes the insurance facilities and equipment and extension of calamity loans to the DRRMC. Environmental Management includes the environmental ordinances, programs or policies. Lastly, Infrastructure Resilience includes the inspection and assessment of existing infrastructures.

Disaster Preparedness includes the mainstreaming of DRRM programs and projects, LDRRMC Organization, Institutionalized DRRMO, Approved Plans, Capacity Development activities conducted, and Partnership Mechanisms.

Mainstreaming of DRRM programs and projects must be available to provinces, cities and municipalities except barangays. LDRRMC Organization includes functional DRMMCs base on requirements of RA 10121 and barangays should prove that the Barangay Development Council has assumed the role of a Barangay DRRM. 

Institutionalized DRRMO includes DRRM Office with basic equipment, permanent staff, and budget and training. Approved Plans include the implementing plans supported with the IEC and Advocacy Plan, Preparedness Plan, Response Plan, Contingency Plan, and Pre-Disaster Recovery Plan include Business Continuity Plan and Capacity Development or Training Activities. Partnership Mechanisms include the participation of NGOs, private sector, and Resource Mobilization.

Disaster Response includes the review of Demonstrated Capability of those LGUs with no disaster response; the other is to review the Demonstrated Capacity with disaster response operations.

Disaster Rehabilitation and Recovery includes the Restoration, Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA), Validation of Pre-disaster Recovery Plan, and Recovery Plan if the LGU has suffered any major disaster.

Engr. Arnnold Piñon serves as Angono DRRM officer.