By Elida Bianca Marcial
Angono Public Information Office

Japanese percussionist Kento Uchida visited Angono this Friday, August 11 and conducted workshop to members of Angono bands at the Angono Lakeside Eco-Park in Barangay San Vicente.

It was Uchida’s first time in Angono but he has been teaching basic lessons for percussion instruments to Filipinos since last year.

Children from San Vicente Elementary School, Joaquin Guido Elementary School, and members of local bands of Angono participated in the workshop.

Uchida said he admired the Filipinos’ passion for music and eagerness to learn, and this inspired him to continue sharing his knowledge.

Uchida was invited by Angono Wind Ensemble conductor Mr. Rommel Gragera.

The workshop is part of the celebration of Angono Day on August 19, 2017, in which the activities were prepared by the Office of the Mayor and Angono Municipal Tourism, Culture and the Arts Office.