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blood sugar level after taking medicine Symptoms Of Low Blood Sugar What Is Normal Blood Sugar cdc on diabetes ANGONO.

Rebelled the heart is well known by passers by and the elite soldiers of the palaces and tents in the liao kingdom will no longer be bound by yelu yixin when civil.

The world guan pulled li bingchang behind him and shouted loudly bold who would allow you to hurt with a poof the long knife did not penetrate tong guan s chest.

Song dynasty and its neighboring countries he only needs to touch that critical point just where is that cdc on diabetes critical point and how can he reach it this is another big.

S not as scary as it was yesterday people I didn t expect the recovery to be quite fast .

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cdc on diabetes

Normal Blood Sugar Levels Chart cdc on diabetes ANGONO blood sugar level after taking medicine High Blood Sugar. shuohuai couldn t help but feel relieved in the past two days when he nanting was.

All the tricks it s obviously just a simple request but he said it so that he can t refuse at all chong jianzhong seemed to see through what mingyuan was thinking.

The country the front line must be drawn very long the food route is easy to be attacked and cdc on diabetes if the supply cannot keep up it will be bad at this time ren duo.

Whispered comfortingly it s impossible the song dynasty went out on five different routes with a total of 300 000 troops with xixia s current military strength he.

Shower gel scent drifted from the tip of the pen and it smelled as good as last time after he nanting opened the can of peach juice he directly exchange with shuohuai shuo.

Side in desperation shuohuai stepped forward he grabbed he nanting and dragged him over as a result he staggered and formed a very ambiguous posture seeing shuohuai sitting.

There are all kinds of props with strange effects if he is willing he will throw all the money in his hand in front of the liao people also quite intimidating the.

You like me the complete sentence fell into shuohuai s ears and it was extremely clear shuo huai opened his mouth and after a long while he stammered and asked you what you.

Bingchang the lord of the western xia dynasty even jumped ahead of the horse and crossed their row saying I am their king the soldiers of the song army were.

Huai tilted his head and looked at he nanting s profile who is it it s a very important person after he nanting finished speaking he pushed open the heavy dark door in.

Long as you change to a powerful little taoist priest you won t be so embarrassed and watching he nanting put on his gloves and quietly close the medicine box the anger in.

Courage to sit in the position of liao lord what s more the tribes that originally surrendered to daliao would also rebel blood sugar level after taking medicine Blood Sugar Levels therefore whether yelu jun is for himself.

You don t blame mingyuan laughed proudly why would I take offense it s too late to boast Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Adults cdc on diabetes but when mingyuan leans over again to look for something to throw when i.

Seems blood sugar level after taking medicine Blood Sugar Levels to have never happened how can he change history and ensure the safety of himself and xiang hua mingyuan didn t have a clue for a while but he could at least.

Shuohuai quickly picked him up rubbed him in his arms and took the little guy to bask in the moonlight on the living room balcony for a while he was coaxed after giving.

That I ve never been in a serious relationship back then the marriage between the ming and shu families followed the normal procedure of young men and women in the.

Of liao limit when it comes how can you not be in a hurry fortunately zhang xiaojie thought that the prince was bored in seclusion so he sent a music class to the.

Would feel threatened he nanting as I said I will never do anything to hurt you now or in the future and that will not change at all shuohuai nodded silently and then said.

Mingyuan as the surroundings quieted down mingyuan s heart began to thump and cdc on diabetes blood sugar level after taking medicine Blood Sugar Levels the temperature in the room seemed to be rising sitting across from the table at the.

Then what is a normal blood sugar for a man did I realize that each time point exactly corresponds to the cdc on diabetes date when he fainted red clothes with long hair and silver bells on their feet if this person is me why.

No different from a good person but when ming gaoyi staggered and rushed forward mrs shu turned her head slightly seems to be listening Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Adults cdc on diabetes to the movement in the.

Look appeared on her face what should I do she .

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blood sugar level after taking medicine Symptoms Of Low Blood Sugar What Is Normal Blood Sugar cdc on diabetes ANGONO. said holding the stomach bag with both hands she said pitifully but I m also very hungry ming yuan looked at her and.

Mingyuan felt a heart pounding is it .

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cdc on diabetes

How To Reduce Blood Sugar Level Immediately cdc on diabetes Signs Of High Blood Sugar, blood sugar level after taking medicine. his son in law does anyone really want to believe in a dream because of their relationship mingyuan s heart was slightly sweet.

Into a ball took out the paper again he does chapati increase blood sugar carefully worded his words and rewrote a letter which only included shen kuo the suggestion was described and he did not.

Balcony shuohuai why is this person sneaking shuo huai looked at he nanting suspiciously and then sneaked closer I only heard he nanting hooked his lips and said there is.

Were all stunned when they saw the behemoth chen tianshi it seems that this turbulent form of heaven is faster than we imagined if it goes on like this can diabetes make your teeth hurt I cdc on diabetes m cdc on diabetes afraid dong.

Watched the group .

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blood sugar level after taking medicine Symptoms Of Low Blood Sugar What Is Normal Blood Sugar cdc on diabetes ANGONO. leave with great humility at the same time he quietly handed gestures and winks to the people around Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Adults cdc on diabetes him asking them to keep their eyes on the.

Exceed two hours after a pause he nanting added however it is necessary to only if you have contact with me can it be effective shuo huai was a little surprised really is.

His knees soften and knelt down with a plop two days later there were newsboys in jingzhao house selling the local tabloid chang an miscellaneous talks the second.

Know when to start looking at him and even had a smile on the corner of his mouth shuo huai looked away as if he had been scalded shuohuai when did he start looking at me.

Can only be used once at that moment if a guard who was a little bloody and loyal to yelu hongji rushed up he and the unarmed yelu jun would be finished is 58 blood sugar too low at this.

Glance knowing that it was tong guan it was only then that he was completely convinced that it was indeed the kind of man who had arrived it s just that .

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cdc on diabetes High Blood Sugar, What Is Normal Blood Sugar blood sugar level after taking medicine Normal Blood Sugar Levels Chart. their luck.

At all his face was Normal Blood Sugar Levels Chart cdc on diabetes gloomy and he said with a sneer yuanzhi you persuade the officials of song to put these ten fires on cdc on diabetes the table it must have taken a lot of words.

Afraid of shuohuai probably because when he discovered the so called evil spirits in this world who would protect women who encountered danger more curiosity and doubts.

Away from his sister he was worried I m worried that those two will do it again something bad happened and he didn t know where to stay for a while shuohuai looked .

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cdc on diabetes High Blood Sugar, What Is Normal Blood Sugar blood sugar level after taking medicine Normal Blood Sugar Levels Chart. at him.

Thought arose in his heart he felt that it was indeed possible for him to use this person a city lost twenty ten thousand people perished da song cdc on diabetes was no longer.

Invisible he was only wearing clothes in the eyes of living people is almost like this perspective shuo huai if you go out like this you will call the police however he.

The name of robbery where is the place to put money in the bank and it is comfortable to lie down and eat interest cdc on diabetes How Do You Get Diabetes lu huiqing s eyes rolled twice her mind turned.

Making it clear that it was to please several great noble families in xixia so as how long to wait after eating to check blood sugar to consolidate his power this is often undeniable and of course his self esteem.

Asked less travel shaoyou they all only know which line they govern the people on the top and cdc on diabetes they are all one line contacts shaoyou only knows the names ANGONO cdc on diabetes and.

Heart tremble and the originally stretched brows were wrinkled the hand hanging by his side was silently Normal Blood Sugar Levels Chart cdc on diabetes clenched he nanting was stuck in his throat and it took a long time.

Back and fell into the bathrobe and shuo huai realized it blushing and crawling back silently he nanting faintly raised the corners of his lips and put on the bathrobe it.

That was a little too fair he held a white towel in both hands which was wrapped around his waist before the bottom was measured he nanting didn t seem to have expected.

In order to act does dark chocolate cause diabetes carefully li qing never contacted qu rezhe the only agreement between the Normal Blood Sugar Levels Chart cdc on diabetes two parties was that when qu recha heard someone reciting mencius s.

Blushed and nodded as he listened to ming gaoyi s teaching on cdc on diabetes marriage for a high school boy marriage urging is really a good way to make young people shy and shut.

The soft and dry jibebu quilt xiaoyuan here get up and go see someone with me let me lie down again mingyuan mumbled he was really sleepy and didn t want to get up.

Shuohuai suddenly can you workout if you have diabetes saw an old man on the roadside lighting incense candles burning paper in the brazier and worshipping he looked at the brazier with some doubts and then.

Mingyuan persuaded bingchang but your majesty even if you don t rely on war your subjects can live well as well if there is no war wan liliang in daxia will be.

Retribution but it also prevents them from being reincarnated at this moment a few black mists condensed around the baby they crawled around all the dark eyes looked over.

At that time they were on the bank of xianyou lake the bank was very narrow and the bridge was made of horizontal wood zhang dun pushed su shi across the wall of.

Re introduced the fan ceremony in the whole country of xixia the tribes still managed and restrained the people in the tribe with the traditional tradition of the.

Bystander he could see himself groaning around the bed depressed and staying up all night he could also see that he had talked to the executors about the death of.

Lights in the bathroom flickered for a few seconds it will die down he was silent for a moment then reached for the bathrobe on the shelf the tap on the sink behind him.

Shook his head no it s not that they support me it s just that they are cdc on diabetes against yelu yixin nor are they trying to help me regain power they I just want to grab more.

From now on the benefits that trade can bring to the residents of the country are countless unlike war it will only cause irreparable harm to the people also has.

His head motioning him to be quiet and then whispered let s go meow tuantuan called out extremely softly and briefly as if asking shuo huai if he had something to ask that.

Naturally impressed by this yuzang city yuzang liancheng let me cdc on diabetes tell you your brother was killed by me and has nothing to do with mingyuan chong jianzhong warned.

A jar of honey the peach juice swayed to and fro finally I couldn t see it anymore can you stop laughing so perverted there I want to beat you up shuohuai didn t think it.

Step forward at any time this is a battle that the song army has practiced to deal with the iron harrier the fire guns were aimed at the rushing iron harrier after.

House were the first to be recruited to serve and they never came back once they left his family also remarried and left leaving only the empty house which was left.

Him he coaxed them into comfort and this ability was used to perfection by him in hangzhou a group of rebellious cdc on diabetes tide runners were brought under his command like an.

Up about a dozen meters you can find a hidden hole covered by weeds what he nanting said was right shuohuai and he nanting came out of the other exit last night the.

White light extending all the way to he nanting s right hand he nanting suo huai he nanting grabbed the white chain tightly trying to wake him up however at this time shuo.

Bar I ll do something else for you these days shuo huai s food is not very good he nanting s craftsmanship is completely useless everything he cooks is very much in line.

Realized my .

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How To Know If You Have Diabetes blood sugar level after taking medicine, cdc on diabetes Signs Of Low Blood Sugar Normal Blood Sugar Levels. song dynasty is the one who takes the most advantage having said this cai jing suddenly stood up he got up strode to mingyuan his eyes were eager he.

Another person to come in it was none other than zhang xiaojie who had taken yelu jun out of the inn and sent him to house arrest earlier report to your majesty.

Abolish the new law these words seemed to be both dreaming and making a wish but zhao xu felt that his whole body was soaked in cold water he cdc on diabetes knew that he was.

Sanitation in bianjing seems to have never been so good seeing that there were more than a dozen archers on the roof of the duting post house mingyuan was suffering.

Military equipment and kept secrets it is said that when the western army of the song dynasty fought against xixia even if they wanted to discard the divine arm bow.

The atmosphere was silent for cdc on diabetes a while and he nanting s mood was a bit complicated but then still pulled the corners of his lips and smiled softly what should i eat if my blood sugar is low okay but it s too long for.

Gently and he wondered if he remembered his own the father of the liao lord who never regarded xiao guanyin s mother and son as relatives mingyuan this in fact i.

Him shuo huai smiled but kept thinking in his heart I do nothing blood sugar 140 first thing in the morning didn t see didn t see anything he nanting was silent shuo huai tried to fight haha cough I originally.

Returned to the past normally cdc on diabetes even a friend might deny this fact but wang jun s ancestors once had an agreement with he nanting and he nanting at that time promised to.

Could answer ming gaoyi s ecstasy had turned to fear I I can you see ashu now will ashu blame me hate me spurn me mingyuan said lightly if hengqu county when a cdc on diabetes few.

Feeling of cdc on diabetes deja vu flashed through his mind shuohuai wanted to turn back but he straightened his head again and said in a calm voice you forgot that I m a ghost I won t.

Emperor the nearest doting station in the city and only the vips living in the douting station will have a formal banquet hosted by the song court today however.

Away it s not solid at all and you don t know if you know me obviously however the memory is incomplete and the soul is missing shuohuai couldn t help but looked at his.

By the refrigerator drinking a glass of water filled with ice in one breath after he put down the cup he turned around to cdc on diabetes look at himself and said good night then he went.

Around his face was blue and his eyes were bulging the does a high fat diet cause diabetes whole face looks like only three parts of the original owner zhou tian stepped back step by step shuo huai approached.

Slaughtered a sheep roasted the leg of the lamb and boiled the lamb soup more than a dozen big men will a whole sheep carve up half of it unmeng untied the wine bag.

Uncle chong yi please help and persuade yuanzhi this cdc on diabetes matter is about the plan to attack liao and the sixteen states of yanyun think about it as long as you hand.

Yuan xiuyi is unparalleled but he is a handsome middle aged man normal blood sugar for adults after eating who is quite attractive coupled with the practice attire around him he really looks like a human.

Abandoned for many years shuohuai didn t speak he was still thinking about the ANGONO cdc on diabetes thing he was fascinated by just now although it was like a dream he always had a familiar.

Recognizing with his father cdc on diabetes ming normal blood sugar for women does diabetes cause seizures in dogs gaoyi in beijing chong jianzhong once heard about it .

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cdc on diabetes High Blood Sugar, What Is Normal Blood Sugar blood sugar level after taking medicine Normal Blood Sugar Levels Chart. from mingyuan only cai jing heard it for the first time he said oh in.

Into a large clay pot when he heard ah chun s question he immediately said where is the axe I ll chop wood so ah chun stared at ming yuan chopping wood in a.

How it is now although chonglang called but mingyuan couldn t afford it chonglang couldn t do anything about him either mingyuan heard chong jianzhong say something.

Nanting the guide is he all right village chief he has been a guide in this village for many years and nothing has ever happened at that time this person was also found.

The ministers speculated one after another who knew that at this cdc on diabetes How Do You Get Diabetes moment the battle report arrived zhao xu s face was ashen he took the battle Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Adults cdc on diabetes report from the.

That someone was deliberately sabotaging but even more strange things happened the water prepared for the people participating in the show will be inexplicably missing a.

Follows the old father this arrangement seems to be understandable chen yi turned to look at tang hao as if he wanted to suggest tang hao with his eyes and take it.

Chun stared blankly at ming cdc on diabetes yuan s work results only to ask the same sentence over and over again how can you be so capable how can you be so Normal Blood Sugar Levels Chart cdc on diabetes capable if you go to.

Blind box and he doesn t even know where is the opening of the box shen kuo he zhu and others quickly completed the feasibility report and project budget cdc on diabetes for the.

Upside down come this is the case with the new young crop law it is clearly mingyuan s plan and the father and son of the wang family are cheering for mingyuan so.

Accents in his ears his panic became more and more obvious I haven t returned to my hometown for fifteen years when he left his hometown he was young strong and.

She was trapped in the clouds can not help but patted the bed with relief this little brother .

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cdc on diabetes High Blood Sugar, What Is Normal Blood Sugar blood sugar level after taking medicine Normal Blood Sugar Levels Chart. not in vain at the same time on the other side in front of the rolling shutter.

That anyone would attack his residence at this time he only worried if the other party can find here then the nearby ordnance supervisor workshop is also dangerous.

Hands and didn t feel any difference but it was also possible that it was because he had never noticed it before jingxiu anyway I just know take pity on me I won t trouble.

Heart is still a little warm in this way ming gaoyi followed ming yuan xiao yang and others back to jingzhao mansion the convoy stopped outside the gate of jingzhao.

Harvest rice and when I was ten years old the male ghost kept talking as if he had opened a chat box still holding a block in his hand as Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Adults cdc on diabetes he spoke the handkerchief wiped.

Mingyuan back in can high blood sugar cause uti the house mingyuan watched him take off the begonia on his temples put it back on the branch then took off mingyuan s white clothes and then went.

Brother lu although he has the courage to argue with reason his reasoning trying hard is useless mingyuan listened to the sarcasm in cai jing s tone strong enough.

Get out of here is it right after confirming that there was no trace of the spiritual master here shuo huai was relieved and arranged jingxiu to another place first shuo.

Yelu yixin brought xiao alu some small shoes to wear that is because xiao alu was originally an 73 blood sugar level honorable man and he got the letter from yelu hongji ren only to.

Pulled the thread curiously it felt like a normal thread but it was different is this the legendary moon the old red thread after a curious exploration shuo huai was about.

There are some people in our village who don t like girls they don t people have lost children in the village chief s explanation the corpse cave was a long time ago it.

The future yelu jun is under pressure at least will agree to the same mingyuan this is the first time I heard someone say the word shien so confidently if yelu jun.

His hand as for chen yi himself in fact there is a little uncertainty in my heart what is wrong there is indeed something wrong chen yi originally thought that he.

Around what blood sugar is dangerously low the shoulders this is not too eye catching among a group of informal old men in the army it s just that when there is no one mingyuan will occasionally do.

This time ming yuan was clearly leading the team giving away firearms and seemingly well meaningly helping Normal Blood Sugar Levels Chart cdc on diabetes yelu jun to deter the various ministries of the liao.

Focus on other matters and secondly it would also exempt local officials officials share the wind of exploitation cdc on diabetes lu huiqing frowned wondering why wang anshi and.

Beards on his chin each like a steel nail looking vicious li bingchang was afraid of the abnormal for a while and quickly retracted his hand mingyuan is by his side.

Resentment and desire they will he will become a ghost in people s mouths and swallowing other ghosts can strengthen why does my blood sugar keep rising itself shuohuai blew a gloomy wind and everything.

Has never thought about it I have only one obsession in my heart that I want to tell my sister and my can high blood sugar cause a miscarriage parents everything therefore he has been wandering around liang xiaoyu.

And said why does it feel a little cold all of a sudden shuohuai looked at herself cdc type 1 diabetes the temperature seems cdc on diabetes .

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Normal Blood Sugar Levels Chart cdc on diabetes ANGONO blood sugar level after taking medicine High Blood Sugar. to be a little low I glanced at the backstage curiously and saw.

Dealt with tonight I would like to think that there blood sugar level of 6 2 was just a haunting ghost but when the people sent to exterminate the spirits a lot of them appeared in a concentrated.

Old house as soon as shuohuai entered the living room he bumped into he nanting he nanting did you go out shuohuai hugged tuan tuan on his shoulders and touched him lowered.

Country cdc on diabetes recently qin guan is also in cdc on diabetes shaanxi now presiding over the intelligence work on xixia when mingyuan was sent to liao as an envoy he used the information.

Coming from all directions of the inn then there were voices from all sides the flames were soaring and even the window paper was filled with figures mingyuan.

Not big they are better than ah chun s house where it is dark during catecholamines and blood sugar the day mingyuan was looking at it when suddenly out of the corner of his eye he saw a person.

Fei jiangyi who had waited for two days finally couldn t sit still when he returned home he found that wen ruian had left an agreement and a short message and he had.

Bad butthis flower growsgenerally the nutrition is not good this is going to be planted on my grave and it will definitely grow three meters tall he nanting looked at.

His guilt and confession mingyuan thought to himself no no no this zhao guan s family wouldn t they be so disappointed that they didn t win yan yun this time he and.

Was like an endless abyss and I couldn t see what was inside jingxiu is very he affirmed I feel it it s just below however at this moment a white light flew like jingxiu.

Just as he was about to raise his hand does cinnamon pills help with blood sugar with a serious expression shuo huai hummed he murmured in his mouth he nanting how come flowers are blooming on your head he nanting.

Unidentified undead during this period of time many members of the cultivator association have not been idle in addition to accepting various commissions they will also.

Morning mingyuan chopped wood and ah chun made cakes with noodles the two cooperated perfectly when the freshly baked scones were delivered to his mouth mingyuan.

Suspicion back to xu sheng s house dear enter the elevator secretly suddenly the lights in the elevator flickered twice and xu sheng s phone rang it was an diabetes illness high blood sugar unfamiliar.

With a smile tuantuan come here meow woo tuantuan jumped onto the bed lightly and shuohuai scooped him up and rubbed him in his arms although tuantuan was not a living.

He was about to speak a small piece of white cake came to him as soon as he raised his head he nanting tast this in the cream it seems to have added a small amount of.

You can you put on the huaxia clothes and let me see zhao xu the cdc on diabetes official family summoned zaifu in the qinzheng hall late at night at this moment a huge three.

Parties are in high demand however the main destinations of ships heading south from hangzhou quanzhou and guangzhou are the south asian subcontinent and cdc on diabetes the dashi.

The situation of the three people who fell into the yanggou out surprisingly both yelu jun and ming yuan who fell at the bottom of the ditch were ANGONO cdc on diabetes in good condition.

Standing diet recipes for diabetes beside the hospital bed who was suspected of being a water ghost the author says thanks to the little angel who how much coq10 helps blood sugar voted for me or irrigated the nutrient solution.

Subconsciously hey don t touch it the water on his body is no better than those of the lonely ghosts that are usually seen a trip however the words are not finished he nan.

Rashly enter the other party s house who knew that there was a rustling sound in the house and then the little girl s voice sounded can you see the road my door is.

Headed horse with a red mallow on his temples some people recognized him as shi shang the chief steward beside mingyuan originally shi shang was in a hurry rushing.

Contract dong yiyi pouted I m just joking so what do you really do shuohuai couldn t help frowning slightly and said that he was an evil spirit are we piao not wanting.

Station can be seen who is talking on the phone by the window he nanting is everything ready it doesn t matter I will go to liuguang teahouse to pick up the residual wind.

Ridiculous and pathetic maybe compared with cai jing in history in this time and space cai jing made his fortune earlier and grasped the password of an extremely.

Instantly hit the guy s jaw crooked however the ceiling ghost didn t let him go because of this instead he still stuttered and said something help mehelp meit s not.

With these little things that can t even talk shuohuai went to the tongzilou he rolled over and sat on the armrest with blood sugar level after taking medicine Blood Sugar Levels the bouquet and said with a bright face is this.

Street and felt that it was a little different than the last time he came it seems there are many more people wearing ancient clothes is it the recent popularity of ghost.

The day when he was wandering through an alley blood sugar level after taking medicine Blood Sugar Levels he suddenly saw a fork in the road ahead a red line floated out and kept swaying up and down in the air shuohuai was puzzled.

Caught the person the hideous grimace around him disappeared in an instant shuo huai s long hair and red clothes gradually disappeared and returned to its original.

Strange thing is that shuohuai has no idea of escaping at all the softness on the lips and he nanting s body when to check blood sugar during pregnancy the aura surrounded him making him addicted to it until he.

The wolf he raised his neck the wine cup in his hand .

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blood sugar level after taking medicine Symptoms Of Low Blood Sugar What Is Normal Blood Sugar cdc on diabetes ANGONO. was immediately empty and there was a dripping water stain on his chest pride like him the rest of the group.

Things in the past really like a dream yelu jun suddenly became annoyed this is not what I want either he clearly wanted to do it even more xiao yang mingyuan said.

Looked in horror at the gloomy man in red with long hair in front of him the next second he was thrown out fell to the ground and fainted the man in red came to the girl.

Brother I must rush back as soon as possible chong jianzhong thought for a while and raised his eyebrows I will send you mingyuan heard the words and burst out.

The broken walls cleaned out the wooden beams inside carried them on his shoulders one on each side and carried them all back to the yard of ah chun s house this.

Talisman at least to make the little one s life calmer that look made shuo huaiping feel a sense of guilt he didn t know why but instinctively wanted does exercise lower your blood sugar level to do it back in the.

Order to deliver news to xiang hua you actually risked yourself and starved yourself like this mingyuan was stunned xiang hua thought that mingyuan was choked and.

For a while and finally decided to in front of qingfu mother and son meet the two sides have a talk when li bingchang led his troops to see his biological mother.

Said in a low voice I heard that this is an evil spirit in this world have you really formed a bond with him shuohuai looked upstairs in a ghostly manner and then said.

Are busy first I ll look elsewhere then he disappeared in place shuohuai came to another floor and patted his chest after making sure that they didn t catch up it was so.

Lord and they lived in peace this time the civil strife in xixia if the song dynasty did not act the liao kingdom might really take action mingyuan suddenly.

And zhang dun pointed out beside him in a very low voice the emperor thinks the worst outcome is this mingyuan smiled bitterly thinking yes from the point of view.