Nono Museum of Art History is a Museum containing various collections of Arts, History and Culture way back when Angono was still a Hacienda. This is a place where you can see some artworks of the Masters of Angono Juan Senson and Pedro Penon. In the museum’s centerpiece is the painting made by Jose “Pitok” Blanco.

Several sculptures of heroes were also placed inside the museum including Dr. Jose Rizal bust made by Kiko Senson, the grandson of Juan Senson. The Book entitled “Readings in the History of Angono” written by Eugenio Lara II IS also one of the collections of the gallery. The goal of this museum is to preserve Angono’s identity to make sure that Angono will remain “uno” to the hearts of both locals and tourists in town.

Located at Angono Lakeside Eco Park, Art Center 1st Floor, Barangay San Vicente, Angono, Rizal.

Contact 0928-732-3307