By Elida Bianca Marcial

This year the Municipality of Angono placed 3rd Overall Most Competitive among 1st to 2nd class municipalities and 3rd place in the Infrastructure pillar in the country.

It ranked 13th in economic dynamism, 7th in government efficiency, and 5th in resiliency during the National Competitiveness Council-Philippines awarding on August 16, 2017 held at the Philippine International Convention Center in Pasay City.

The competitiveness of a municipality or city is measured by the following indicators: economic dynamism, government efficiency, infrastructure and resiliency.

Records reveal that in 2016, Angono’s dynamic economy compared to the last three years showed an increase on the growth of local economy, in which the gross sales of registered firms in Angono reached P5.7 billion and a total capitalization of newly registered business of P4.7 million.

On its structure of local economy, 2016 records showed that there were 1,575 industries and 1,160 establishments in the service sector. There were 1,935 new employees among new business applications and 8,156 employees from existing establishments which renewed their permit.

Among the prevalent business establishments, Angono has 14 banks, 49 financial institutions, 4 gasoline stations, 16 fast food chains, 5 convenience stores and 5 supermarkets.

Government efficiency, based on the 2015 records, showed that the Municipality of Angono passed and complied with the following indicators such health services, schools, security ratio, business registration efficiency, compliance to business permits and licensing standards, presence of Investment Promotion Unit (IPU), national directives, ratio of collected tax and revenues of the LGU and its social protection.

It has likewise received the Seal of Good Local Governance from the Department of Interior and the Local Government in 2015 and 2016.

In terms of infrastructure, 2015 records revealed a sustained and expanded road networks, distance to major ports and Department of Tourism-accredited accommodations as well as laid out cables and internet and health infrastructure.

There was likewise an increase on availability of basic utilities, education infrastructure, automated teller machines, and annual investments in infrastructure by local government unit and number of public transportation vehicles.

These engines support the municipality to strengthen its drive for a long-term economic growth and developments.

And with Angono being 3rd most competitive towns nationwide, its successful indicators such as prevailing businesses, efficiency on government services and accessible infrastructures will certainly attract more investors and build business confidence that would further boost the growth and development of Angono, the ‘Art Capital of the Philippines’ and ‘Home of the Higantes Festival’ in the country.