Bass Player, Guitarist, Computer Engineer
Angono National Symphonic Band

Art Dominick Vitor, better known to his peers as “Nicko” is an aspiring musician, and bassist for the Angono National Symphonic Band (a.k.a. Banda Uno).

As a child, he was already exposed to the music scene in Angono, however his passion for music started as a simple curiosity when he casually attempted to learn the guitar. This led to him joining the APHS Chamber Ensemble under the guidance of Mr. Ford Pundamiera and Aaron Vocalan.

Shortly after, he was taught by his father, Jose Alex Vitor, the basics of bass playing, or as what he was taught, “Pagbasa at Pagtipa”. He consequently joined the Angono National Symphonic Band for a year as a young bassist in 2014, but had to leave the band to prioritize his studies. After graduating in FEU with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering, he rejoined the band in 2021.

Coming from musically inclined family, he succeeds two generations of musicians in Angono. His grandfather, Domingo “Ti Sande” Vitor, was a principal trumpet player turned baritone player, and music instructor for Banda Uno. His father, Jose Alex Vitor, who also used to sit in the said band as principal trumpet and trumpet teacher, then shifted to bass playing, and his mother, Almira Vitor, a former twirler (majorette) of ANSB.

After rejoining the band in 2021, he honed his musical skills and knowledge, considering himself as kind of a self-taught musician, and is currently one of the reliable bassists in Banda Uno, Late Boomers Quintet, and Angono Municipal Band.

Aside from being a sousaphone player, Nicko also dabbles in playing classical guitar for small chamber groups and accompanying kundiman singers from time to time.

Nicko studied elementary school at the Blanco Family Academy and graduated at the Angono Private High School.