The Second Gallery

Owned and run by visual artist Carlos “Botong” Francisco II, Second Gallery seeks to be the focal point of young and upcoming artist of Angono by providing them venue to exhibit their artworks. The gallery also serves as magnet for visitors to be acquainted with the home and personal memorabilia of National Artist Carlos “Botong” Francisco.


It was the old house of the late Botong until his next generations decided to renovate it and become a museum. It is now managed by his grandson Carlos “Totong” Francisco II, who is also an artist that showcased abstract expressionism master pieces. Carlos “Botong” Francisco Museum is located at Doña Aurora St., Brgy. Poblacion Itaas, Angono, Rizal.

Tiamson Art Gallery

The gallery houses the various artworks of painter, musician and transmedia artist Orville D.R. Tiamson. A versatile artist, Tiamson’s style ranges from the conventional to new age and has experimented with various artistic presentations including drawings on paper, oil and acrylic, paintings on canvas, mixed collages and constructions, installations, performances and music.

Nemiranda Art Gallery

The gallery is the repository of artworks of acclaimed painter Nemi Miranda, Jr. employing figurative realism in his work, the artist draws from Angono’s mythic creatures and legends to produce masterful works of art. The gallery also serves as venue for art lectures and painting workshops.

Blanco Family Museum

The museum houses the vast collection of artwork produced by the Blanco family of painters. Headed by renowned painter Jose “Pitok” V. Blanco, the Blanco family has produced a prodigious array of visual art depicting Angono’s idyllic rural life, colorful fiestas and religious celebrations.

Experience the pleasing and relaxing paintings of Blanco Family Museum and be one of the witness of their great work of arts in Angono, Rizal. A museum that accommodates an anthology of paintings by the members of the family as well as some memorabilia through the years.

Their rural lifestyle paintings were arranged according to their place in the family and set according on what age they made it. Tourists shouldn’t have missed this opportunity to see the work of arts of one of the finest and noblest family of artist in the Philippines.