For the past two years, Angono (as represented by Barangay Mahabang Parang) has won the Cleanest and Greenest Municipality award in the 1st District of the province compose of Cainta, Taytay, Angono and Binangonan. 

The award was given by the provincial government led by Gov. Nini Ynares as part of the governor’s environmental awareness campaign called BUSILAK or BUhayin ang Sapa, ILog, Law at Karagatan.

Angono was among the first municipalities in Rizal to have its solid waste management plan approved by the National Solid Waste Management Commission.

Throughout the years, Angono has proven its concerns on its environment. All these were results of people of Angono and the local government unit’s participation to keep the municipality clean by segregating, recycling, and reusing wastes as well as religiously implementing various garbage management plans. 

It all turned out to be inspiring and useful. 

A related recognition was given to Angono by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources or DENR Environmental Management Bureau on June 29, 2016 for its exemplary practice in the implementation of different environmental mandates.

Recognized for its exemplary practice, “Globo Resiklo” of the Angono Public Employment Service Office is one of the products out of recyclable materials such as used bottles. Also, PESO clients were required to bring recyclable items in exchange of PESO services, thus intensifying efforts on waste management.

Presently, the possibility of requiring clients to bring recyclable materials for various social services is close at hand. 

According to the Honorable Angono Mayor Gerardo V. Calderon, “This is a very laudable policy integrating environment awareness to governance and enabling our constituents with our effort to implement RA 9003 (Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000) in a more direct and participatory manner.”

Another result of the municipality’s clean and green project is Angono Eco-Park, which was once the LGU’s controlled dumpsite and now a transfer station for residual wastes.

National Solid Waste Management Commission Resolution No. 26 “Resolution Adopting the Eco-Park as an option to Sanitary Landfill” provided LGU’s like Angono with a cost-effective solution to residuals management.

The Eco-Park allows tertiary sorting to further segregate into good and bad residuals. Great portion of the park is a functional park where environmental measures are showcased at the same time.

Materials Recovery Facility is also an innovation by all barangay officials of Angono. LGU’s are required to have MRF with operational solid waste transfer station, sorting, drop-off, composting and recycling facility. 

To comply also with the law, Executive Order No. 2013-06 ordered all junk/scrap shops within Angono to be designated as MRF. The EO No. 2013-06 by the Honorable Mayor is a legal basis for barangays to explore a partnership agreement with the junkshop of their choice.

The improved Angono Lakeside Park, a template of Gov. Nini’s BUSILAK program, has also become one of the most favorite recreational and tourist sites.