For the past two years, the Municipality of Angono has won P60,000 for winning the Gold Award during the awarding rites celebrating the Manila Bay Day.

The latest recognition was held on December 14, 2016.

The Manila Bay Day Celebration commemorates the day when the Supreme Court rendered a decision G.R. No. 171947-48, ordering the defendant-government agencies (13 mandamus agencies), “to cleanup, rehabilitate, and preserve Manila Bay, and restore and maintain its waters to SB level (Class B seawaters per Water Classification Tables under DENR Administrative Order No.34, 1990) to make them fit for swimming, skin diving, and other forms of contact recreation.”

Key legal provisions include (1) Mandatory Segregation of Wastes at Source; (2) Functional Materials Recovery Facility and; (3) No-littering and related ordinances (and if random ocular inspections prove these are strictly implemented) and are re-checked by the DILG quarterly.

The award was given by the Department of Interior and the Local Government and Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Angono Mayor Gerry Calderon’s Clean and Green program as well as the town’s physical rehabilitation of the Lakeside Park, DOMSA spring and natural pool in Barangay San Isidro, rehabilitating and dredging of Angono river and waterways, and Zero Basura campaign have merited provincial and national recognitions in the past for its exemplary and innovative steps in maintaining clean lake and river as well as mitigating and reducing risks brought by typhoons and effects of climate change.

These projects parallel with Rizal Gov. Nini Ynares’s environmental campaign known as BUSILAK or BUhayin ang Sapa, Ilog, LAwa at Karagatan.