From: Angono Public Information Office/Office of the Mayor

Around 100 higantes or giant papier mache are expected to parade around the town during the Higantes Festival on Sunday, November 19, 2017.

The parade will start at 7:00 in the morning at Rainbow Village/SM Center Angono and will end at the Angono Municipal Compound.

Angono is known as the ‘Art Capital of the Philippines’ and ‘Home of the Higantes Festival’.

The festival is an expression of the Municipality’s gratitude to its town patron St. Clement whose feast is celebrated on the 23rd of November.

As a cultural icon, the meaning of ‘higante’ has evolved from the orally held tradition as symbol of protest to festivity and ‘giant’ aspiration of Angoneweños to bring about meaningful change and inclusive growth while remaining keen on their sense of history and artistic community deeply held by their ancestors.

The municipality is led by Mayor Gerry Calderon and Vice-Mayor Antonio Rubin.

It has achieved three unprecedented awards this year namely three-time recipient of Seal of Good Local Governance, two-time awardee of Gawad Galing Pook, and 3rd Most Competitive among 1st-2nd class municipalities in the Philippines.

It was submitted by municipal employee Mr. Frank Hans ‘Toti’ Mujar in the 2008 Oldest Photo of Angono contest of the Municipality of Angono during the term of Mayor Aurora A. Villamayor.

The Higantes are standing in front of the Kurus in Barangay Poblacion Ibaba, presumably waiting for the ‘pag-ahon’ of the Pagoda).